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How long have you wanted to finish your Novel or Screenplay? Let's believe anything is possible, no matter how long it has been since you first got your idea, you can get your project done and move forward in your career.

Let Bestselling author & the creator of:  The Writing Nirvana™ Tribe & Victoria's Nirvana™ Sisterhood & Podcast, mentor you.

The Writing Nirvana™ Tribe

it's time to believe anything is possible for your writing career.

A Writing Membership to help you succeed and prosper. Each month receive mentoring from bestselling Writer's Digest Author - Dr. Victoria Lynn (Schmidt) Ravenwood and bonus products  such as Prosperity Bliss. Our Writing NirvanaTribe is all about becoming a talented, prolific, writer that readers resonate with. Check it out.


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Victoria's Nirvana™ Sisterhood

it's time to awaken your inner amazon & change this world.

Empowering the sisterhood, its time to free our inner Amazon, honor the feminine, & change this world. Join us. VictoriasNirvana™ Podcast. Bookclub. Sisterhood. Visit Podcast

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Dr. Victoria Ravenwood

A bestselling Writer's Digest author under Schmidt, Victoria has studied at UCLA & Harvard and is currently in a second PhD program at CIIS. She combines  her expertise in many fields to inform everything she offers.


“Writing Dynamic Stories, we can educate and change the collective consciousness. Embarking on Dynamic Journeys, we can enhance our individual lives and positively change the world. It's all about empowering people & Creating something new."


"To change our perspective is to change our life. Transdisciplinary Research helps me to uncover deeper levels and solve 'wicked problems'. I love giving readers ‘ah-ha’ moments, and I enjoy pushing the limits of what they think is possible.”


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