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Effecting Our World

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2019

As women we can easily lose touch with what makes us happy and excited as we tend to everyone else's needs around us, whether we are a CEO or a stay at home mom. But what does this cost those we tend to? What are they missing out of if we don't bring our insights and excitement and enlightenment to the moment we share with them?

In vinyasa yoga class the other day my teacher Carole, told us about the myth of the Lord of the fishes named Matsayana and the creation of yoga. That shiva came down from the mountain excited to tell his partner about what he learned. They thought they were talking in a place where no one could hear them but a fish was in the water nearby and overheard everything they said. That fish became enlightened and the first student of yoga. A fish.

What I get from this story is that no matter how much we may try to keep any type of insight or enlightenment to ourselves, we are bound to effect everything in our environment the moment we express it, especially when we are excited about something. Even a fish in a tank could be effected and uplifted by us.

The collective energy in a room makes up the field-environment, which vibrates at a certain pitch. The overall room pitch or vibration, is based on the collective pitch of the individuals in the room. Often when a few individuals take the initiative, they can change the collective room vibration by increasing their own pitch. This can be done by radiating the attitude of peace and flow into the field environment while doing deep heart listening, with the intent remaining neutral without judgment. - HeartMathInsitiute

I'm not talking about pure transcendent bliss here, just our everyday enlightenment. Sometimes that shows up as laughter and getting through something intense in a more grounded and present way. Who knows. Deep down inside only you know what makes you your best, what makes you excited.

We've all experienced being around someone who was passionate about something. Try to remember how that passion and excitement rubbed off on you, how it changed the energy of the space you were in. Just take a look at what happens to water (we are mostly water you know) when different thought vibrations are near it. (as shown from the work of Masaru Emoto) And many, especially in Kundalini Yoga, say women are very powerful in projecting their thoughts and energy, a skill that is needed for child rearing.

For many of us the issue is a fear of letting go and loosening up. We hold back our laughter and joy and insights, maybe to not be seen or to not be judged. We want our loved ones to  show excitement about what matters to them but we don't demonstrate it for them.

Women are the backbone of the family, whether a work family or a born family. We have a strong capacity to feel and flow with nature and our surroundings. We just need to let go and share in the moment. It doesn't matter if no one is around, we will effect the very fabric of life that surrounds us. Even a fish will be lifted up by our energy.





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